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Lucy Avraamidou, Ph.D.

LAvraamidou2Dr. Lucy Avraamidou is a Senior Researcher at CARDET and an Associate professor of Science Education at the University of Nicosia. She holds a PhD in Science Education from the Pennsylvania State University. Prior to her appointment at the University of Nicosia she worked as a researcher at the Center for Informal Learning and Schools (CILS) at King’s College London. Her area of concentration is science education and her research is associated with theoretical and empirical explorations of what it means to teach and understand science in both formal and informal contexts, with the use of qualitative methods. The theoretical framework of her work draws upon teacher learning and development, explored through the lens of teacher identity. Her research activities also are associated with explorations of the role of technology tools in support of science teaching and learning in various contexts such as school classrooms, outdoor settings, museums, science centers and zoos. She has published manuscripts in premiere education journals and book volumes, and has presented her work in conferences around the world.